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Snow Agent vs. Other Sources

Question asked by Morgado on Oct 26, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2018 by detlev.eufinger2

Hi there,


Not sure if this is the best forum but here it goes my question:

I would like to understand whats the effective gains of using Snow Agent as main source instead of other like Ivanti / LANdesk.


My org. has already the Ivanti rolled out in over 55k computers so we are using it as main source. However we are struggling with issues like bad recognition of bundles, duplication of installations due to bad installations, lack of metering, etc.


Do you have any documentation that could clearly convince our stakeholders that moving to the Snow agent could actually be a big benefit? Taking in consideration the pain of install one more agent in so many computers, performance impacts, etc.


Looking for more information to create a business case / swot analysis to support a decision.