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Assign VMware license to ESX server(hostname)

Question asked by Morgado on Oct 31, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2018 by Morgado

Hi all,


I would like to assign each VMware license (data coming from VMware portal) to the list of ESX servers available on SLM (ESX servers report).


I have the SerialNumber present in VMware portal and SLM so I know exactly what covers what. My question is if is possible to assign in bulk with a license import file each license to a specific ESX server.


I was going through all the required fields to import the licenses and I dont identify any that would let me do that.

If I do the autoallocate ON and metric Installations, SLM will know which ESX needs to be covered based on the SN or I need to link somehow the information in the import file?

If you could provide an example would be great.


Thanks in advance,