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Incorrect recognition of full SQL Server

Question asked by sven.schmitz on Nov 2, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2018 by Oliver.Berger


maybe someone has an idea. I open a ticket for my case, but maybe anybody in this forum has a idea or solution to solve the problem.

We still have a problem with the correct recognition of full SQL Server installations.
Actual we see 25 virtual servers, which definitely have a complete and full installation of SQL Server in different versions (2008, 2012, 2016). Snow shows only that there are installations of different components of SQL, like “Native Client”, “Express LocalDB”, “Reporting Services” and so on. This components are shown in Snow Application View and all of them defines and shown as “license free” or “no requirement”.
But the full installation of SQL is not shown in the overview. Our server department install the different components first and the full installation of SQL Server database takes place after the components. From our point of view, this situation is a high risk because we still have 25 Server which need a full SQL Server license because of installation but Snow did not show it. And our compliance view is wrong.….I don't understand why Snow did not  show the full versions of SQL Server, from my point of view  this should a basic functions in a license management tool which still have to work.

The rules in SMACC are the normal rules, we received about SRS Services.

Maybe someone has an idea, what could be the problem ?


Thank's and best regards