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Snow On-boarding / FAQ for new users

Question asked by Morgado on Nov 6, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2019 by AvilanH

Hi there,


I was wondering if any of you already created some kind of on-boarding document or frequently asked questions for new Snow SLM end-users.


I've created some basic guide for actions such us add a license, add agreements, etc. But now Iam creating a FAQ as support material.


Do you guys have something like that that could be shared? Some examples below.


  • Why I can’t see all Computers of my estate?
  • What does it mean if an application installed on a Computer is listed with a different color?
  • Which are the different Computer status?
  • How to know if an application is blacklisted?
  • Which are the different license assignment types?
  • How to find licenses not assigned?
  • etc.


Thanks and regards,