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File path, where an application was found

Question asked by roger.jud1 Advocate on Nov 12, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2018 by roger.jud1

Dear community

We are asked often, where an application was found from the snow agent, because sometimes there are leftovers still on a client and snow still shows a finding of an application. In my mind it would be a big added value to have such reports available as default (see idea hub). Or at least to make those columns available in the existing reports.


The only way in the webGUI is to go into the edit menu. But there it is not possible to make an export. Another way is in the admin console, where we can do different reports than on SLM webGUI, but this is more difficult and we don't want to give access to this console to everyone.


At the moment we have an example of a portable app which is showed an the blacklist reports. It is a TS-application. So there is no installation, but a usage measured. Now, where can we see where the app is located and where can we see if the app was removed. How long is this finding listed?


Is there anyone, who is also interested in such reports and perhaps already has a good idea or an SQL statement?