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Compliance summary by application family report not showing all applications of the family

Question asked by KM on Nov 12, 2018
Latest reply on May 22, 2019 by kelly.woods2

Hi everyone,


Creating a Compliance summary by application report shows the main information for analysis I needed.



But, I don't know why in the application families there are not all application which belongs to it. You can see missing in the List all applications report, but not in this report.


For example: in Adobe Acrobat family it shows Adobe Acrobat DC Professional, Adobe Acrobat DC Standard, but not Adobe Acrobat DC (it is not empty according to List all applications: has installations, licenses and compliance not equals zero). And it happens not only with one family of applications. 


Do you know any reasons why? Because missing applications in the Compliance summary report are important and I need to find them manually, would be nice to understand principles, how applications go to the report and fix it.


Thank you very much!