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history of inventoried application data

Question asked by roger.jud1 Advocate on Nov 14, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2018 by Samuel

Our devices will be scanned by a snow agent once a day. Snow then shows all kind of software on each client with different additional information as first discovered, last used, last scanned.

Our question now is: When an application (especially a portable app) will be deleted, when will this information be cleaned up by default? Is this by the next scan or how long will this finding be found in the system?


The challenge is, of course we need these information for licensing purpose sometimes up to 90 days. The other thing is to pull reports and see if the devices were cleaned up and the software has been removed. I know there is also a default report for installation history but also there we need a better understanding how the data will be scanned. Is there somewhere a detailed description how the data will be discovered, stored and cleaned up?