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Agreements to Show Costs in Reporting

Question asked by Lyn on Nov 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2018 by roland.meier3

I've no training on Snow, so maybe completely missing the point here....

I have recorded all our licences by creating an agreement, then attaching a licence to it.  If I run an 'all agreements' report, I can see the agreement, licence, and most importantly - costs.


I need to create a record for hardware maintenance now, but if I create an agreement "maintenance agreement", there's no where to put a cost.  I can't create a licence against the agreement, as it isn't really a licence.  How would I then be able to report on costs on a maintenance agreement only?  I could add a licence against the agreement, but then I can't complete the application drop down field, as i have nothing to put it against.


Hope that makes sense!