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java softwarecost from Januar 2019?

Question asked by r.oeinck on Nov 21, 2018
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Hi everybody,


our main - softwaredealer in Germany told us, that some JAVA- Versions from Jnauar 2019 on, are not more longer gets as "FREEWARE". up to this time we use at several PCs this versions by example:

( 1 ) Java SE 8 (OpenJDK) / ( 2 ) Java SE 8 (JDK) Update 181 / ( 3 ) Java SE 7 (JDK) Update 55 + (JMC)



when we can get a active change in the SNOW- SRS- database from METRIC "No license required" to the new situation with the new ORACLE- policy 2019 for the JAVA- software?

I had noticed that there would be changes for corporate customers for JAVA from January 2019.

As part of the update of Java SE Version 8 Update 181 released in mid-July 2018, this dialog box stood out.

java Oracle SE- Roadmap information

--- Important information about the Oracle Java SE Roadmap  ---

Changes are coming to an impact on access to future releases of Oracle Java SE. Business users will be affected as early as January 2019, these changes will have no effect on the version to be installed. Click the link below for additional support. (More information ...)



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