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SLM Reporting IP addresses for VPN tunnel that isn't connected

Question asked by Vic_H on Nov 22, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2018 by martin.christersson2

Have an issue with reporting on our laptop fleet, not ALL laptops but about 60 of the 300 at the moment.


I've checked 2 randomly out of the list and they've advised they don't take their laptop off-site that often (at most once a month) for remote working.


We utilise BIG-IP for VPN tunnel into the office and staff can set it to be disconnected manually.


However, even then it is reporting as having an IP address from our VPN range as well as a 192.168 address that isn't even used internally or in any area of the business at all.


Any advice on this from how to figure out where SNOW is seeing these IP addresses and throwing this weird report?

I use my laptop offsite once a week on average and it doesn't do this randomness with reporting a strange IP.