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VMWare vCenter server appliance (VCSA) - Install Snow Agent?

Question asked by rfellmann on Nov 23, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2019 by Samuel

We have several VCSAs (VMware vCenter Server Appliance) running - they are the new standard for vCenter deployments compared to a traditional VMware vCenter installation on a Windows Server. 



VMWare vCenter installed on Windows Server (old)

Install Snow Agent on Windows Server -> vCenter application reported into Inventory and License Manager. 


VMware vCenter Server Appliance (new)

Can't install the Snow Agent  as it's a 'closed' linux/unix appliance, no admin/root permissions.


Question: What is the proper way to have the vCenter application reported into Inventory and License Manager so I can assign my licenses to it? The Snow Virtual Management Option (VMO) doesn't discover the vCenter application itself, only the ESX hosts and the virtual machines managed by the vCenter.