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transparent contract management

Question asked by TnJ8cR Advocate on Nov 26, 2018

Hello everybody,

we have a lot of contracts in the area of licenses and services. Currently, contract management is organized both centrally and decentrally. This means that a Salesforce is centrally managed, but a business application is decentralized.

This makes administration and transparency very difficult, and high employee turnover increases complexity.
I'm looking for the best possible way to place contracts with a job (not a person) that is informed when the contract expires. So from my point of view 2 jobs would have to be informed:

1) The central office for contract management
2) The person responsible for the contract

It would also be good to have a report that shows your contracts to a department. Is it possible to display contracts at cost center level or brand level without restricting access to the contracts e.g. via a report?


I would like to know how other SNOW customers have implemented this