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Adobe Reader showing up multiple times in Snow.

Question asked by RobG01 on Nov 28, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2018 by RobG01

We use SCCM to deploy the latest MSI's of Adobe Reader DC to our environment (currently v19), however, Snow is showing that we have old versions of Adobe Reader installed on our machines alongside the new ones. I've checked a handful of these machines and found it to not be the case. 



It seems to think that the new version isn't installed locally (as it's highlighted in orange) and that I'm still using an older 2015 version (last used is shown as 27/11), even though I've never used on this machine before as it was built in the last year.


Snow seems to think that we currently have over 250+ installations of this old Adobe Reader DC 2015, which is not good for our reporting when it comes to addressing vulnerabilities.


Is something being left over from the upgrades? Or does it take some time before Snow realises it's been uninstalled? Or perhaps Snow has a problem with successfully detecting Adobe Reader DC?