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Is it possible to force a data update job?

Question asked by laura_miller on Nov 29, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2018 by Dirk

It appears that while our devices are scanning, not all are reporting back into #SLM. For example, 40% of our active devices that are scanned daily are now showing with a last scanned date as November 26th. I have confirmed that these devices are active and appear to be scanning based on the log files. But the agent log file for one of the devices states:


2018-11-29T08:29:54-5:00; Verbose; snowagent; client\endpointhandler.cpp; Client::EndPointHandler::TrySendToKnownEndPoints; Endpoint is unreachable
2018-11-29T08:29:54-5:00; ERROR; snowagent; client\messageloop.cpp; Client::MessageLoop::Handshake; Handshake failed. Cannot connect to server. No endpoint can establish a connection to the server.


So I restarted both our Inventory server and Snow License Manager server to see if this helps. Do I have to wait until our daily update job or can I force one to see the results in SLM quicker?