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Is it possible to consolidate AD user and Airwatch user?

Question asked by AnnikaReiß on Dec 12, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2018 by hans-juergen.huesges2

Dear swarm intelligence,


first of all, I hope that I'm asking my question in the correct forum...


We manage our mobile devices with Airwatch (now Workspace ONE) and inventory them in Snow through the Snow Integration Connector. Due to different ways of user management, our AD users are listed as "Mustermann, Max", Airwatch users are listed as "Max Mustermann". So if there is a colleague with Notebook (AD account) and e.g. an iPhone (Airwatch account), there are two users for just one natural person.


Is there an elegant way of consolidation so we don't swell our number of users and are able to assign e.g. one user license to one (consolidated) user?


Thank's in advance!