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Environment variables Linux

Question asked by Dirk Advocate on Dec 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by martin.christersson2

Hi all,

We identify our systems with a unique code. This code is entered into a system into the "Environment Variables" when the systems is configured the first time.

On our Windows systems everything works perfect. But on our Linux systems...

We are using the Linux agent 5.2.0 on the RedHat Linux versions 5 to 7.6. 

For certain systems it seems to work like a charm, but on others we can not get that system variable. Sometimes we noticed, with a manual scan, the values become visible into the Inventory server (INV vers 6.1), but the next auto scan, it's back to few values. 

I'm not a Linux expert, so maybe it's just because I make a stupid error, but...

I made some screenshots from a working system and a not working, both quite the same devices, same agent. What is a difference: the working one is RHEL 7.5, the wrong one is a RHEL 7.6. According to the Snow report, I don't have a working one on RHEL 7.6. But this last one, is not a good reference because also on devices with RHEL 7.5 there are many which are missing environment variables.

Is there a different location where to put the env. var. per RHEL version? Why some devices are working and others are not?

So below, the first two screenshots from INV server of a system where only few (11) env. var. are captured.

The two last screenshots from INV server of a system where we capture all (14) configured env. var.

Is there somebody who could me explain how this works in Linux? And is there maybe someone who can give me a solution to solve this?

Thanks in advance for all your replies!

Env Var not ok part 1Env Var not ok part 2Env Var ok part 1Env var ok part 2