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Import license requirement

Question asked by TnJ8cR Advocate on Dec 18, 2018

Hello everybody,


i'm just wondering how i can create a license requirement per user.
Can I use the import "license assignment" for this?


If the import supports the functions I have the following questions:

  • Can I also go negatively into compliance through the assignment?
  • Can I overwrite the users again and again (add completely new and not just add)?


The first goal is to display the SfB and the Exchange requirements per user.

It would be important to see if the users who already have a CAL equivalent also need a CAL.


Example: A user has an M365 E3 and needs an Exchange CAL. This is already covered by the M365 E3.

Do you have to consider this logic when importing, or can SNOW calculate it itself?


I am happy to try this experiment in SLM.


Best Julian