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Problem with Snow Solaris agent

Question asked by Nan on Dec 18, 2018

Hi everybody!

We installed the Solaris inventory agent on each Zone (global an virtual) and from the global we excluded the path where virtual zones are located, that is /zones:

root@global:~# zoneadm list -cv
   0 global running     /   solaris  shared
   1 a  running     /zones/a  solaris  shared
   2 b  running     /zones/b  solaris  shared
   3 c  running     /zones/c  solaris  shared
   4 d  running     /zones/d  solaris  shared
When we run the scan in all the environment snow is reporting only the the last scanned server, for example if I scan server "A" it gets reported fine, but if I scan zone "B" after that then zone "A" gets removed and now the console only reports zone "B", the same happens if I scan zone "C", zone "B" is removed and the console only reports zone "C" and so on.

The engineer who is implementing the tool excluded HW serial number to try to solve the problem but that didn't work.