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Import User Update bug

Question asked by KM on Dec 27, 2018
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I have a question with which I need help


I imported file with 41 users to update custom fields and everything was updated and on its place after import. All updated users were with Status Active and with the Last Logon less than 30 days and were in the Snow before the update.


After a week I checked the users' updated data is it still in the Snow. I found out that 10 out of 41 users are missing in the Snow (List all users and report All users has no users with the name/id I was looking for). I decided to import missing users to the Snow again and import was successful, but they are still not appearing in any reports and Snow says that there is no match. 


As you know you cannot update users which do not exist in the Snow database. In the import process wasn't any errors and notifications of the bad data for update. That means that missing users are in the database. But why I cannot see them in the Snow and in the reports?


I repeated import of missing users several times. Snow says import is successful but I cannot see users anyway. 


Maybe someone of you had this issue before and can help me with it?


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