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SCCM Collection in DB

Question asked by Liana on Dec 28, 2018

Hi all,

Is there information in the SCCM database about the date of adding a computer object to a given sccm collection? I have write the SQL Query:


  select v_R_System.Name0 as MemberName, v_Collection.Name as CollectionName, v_Collection.LastMemberChangeTime, v_Collection.LastChangeTime  from v_FullCollectionMembership  Inner JOIN v_R_System on v_FullCollectionMembership.ResourceID = v_R_System.ResourceID  Inner JOIN v_Collection on v_FullCollectionMembership.CollectionID = v_Collection.CollectionID  Where  v_Collection.Name like '%My SCCM Collection%'

Of course, the result concerns the modification of the collection itself, not the date of adding a computer object to this collection. Thanks for any advice, where this information is or how I can get it.

thank you.