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Virtual Reality (VR)

Question asked by mark.bonham Advocate on Jan 3, 2019

I see Virtual Reality (VR) as a bit of a challenge and identifying all of the costs, tools, devices & applications.  Some of the challenges include:


  • Certain software that are identified as a "game" such as Steam by Valve Corporation - this is very much a tool for our VR community
  • Various headset that have now changed to license required in Commercial Environment - more cost
  • Personal devices being used for a commercial task - i.e. VR devices which may also need further licensing?
  • We need to be able at times to identify software that can be "No License Required" and add to Cloud Subscriptions.  This is a combination of both a software agreement and maintenance agreement, in that we need to identify both the host & software.  In this case its Go Pro Fusion Studio and this is "No License Required" but we have some using the subscription ( ).  See also Cloud subscriptions and software  
  • Many of the plugins are not recognised by Snow and have a cost - which present a problem on quantifying how much our expenditure is for a particular task or project


Be interested to see what other organisations are doing and how they are managing this (or not).