Laim McKenzie

Unable to use Print as PDF option in Snow License Manager

Discussion created by Laim McKenzie Advocate on Jan 8, 2019



Snow License Manager has an option to print the computer/device view and save as a PDF, unfortunately between versions Snow License Manager 8.3 Rev. 3 and Rev. 4, this has broken and the styling is all over the place.  Snow do have a PRB open for this.


I've done some investigation and I've figured out what the issue is (and reported it to Snow).  When clicking the button, it's calling a JS script but unfortunately that script in Revision 4 and above is pointing to the wrong location, which is resulting in a 404 error and the page styling failing. 


All .CSS, languages, images and packages for Snow License Manager are here: C:\Program Files\Snow Software\Snow License Manager\Web\app\1538644187986 - it does appear that the number at the end does change per version, no idea what it's for but just in case yours is different.  You can confirm which one is the one your version of SLM is using by right clicking on a page in SLM, clicking View Source and looking at the styling at the top.



To resolve this issue where the data is being formatted wrong, copy the custom_libs and styles folders to C:\Program Files\Snow Software\Snow License Manager\Web\app\, doing this will result in the script being able to find the .css files and it will format the pdf correctly.