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Discussion created by Shazberry on Jan 10, 2019

Happy New Year fellow Snow Globe'rs!

Has anyone else experienced this and can explain to me, please??


Situation:  Adobe Acrobat DC Pro License count appears wrong to me in application detail screen when using Assignment=User.

Scenarios Used:  I get a different result if I am using Organisation Assignment vs User Assignment.  See screenshots below.  Org Assignment returns a License qty I would expect to see, where User Assignment does not.

Overall Question for Discussion:  Regardless of the assignment used, surely License qty should remain the same as the entitlement?


When the Assignment type is Organisation, License and Coverage qty appear correct and is the expected result (We have 2 active subscription licenses)

Licenses: 2 correct

Coverage: 2



However, when you change Assignment type to User and assign licenses to Users (Wendy and Elizabeth) my License and Coverage count drops. NB: Elizabeth has not downloaded Acrobat (next screenshot) and interestingly Adobe Compliance report (last screenshot) is showing Licenses=2





Thanks for any assistance you can provide me :-).