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Compliance calculation, license metric

Question asked by adam.penzes on Jan 15, 2019
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In October we started migrating our Microsoft licenses to the cloud with the M365 E3 package. When I entered the new licenses in SLM, it would not take them into consideration when calculation compliance (0 users and 0 required licenses).


Sent in a ticket after trying out many different solutions. The answer I got was that I had done an error when adding the licenses as there were both "per user" and "per device" licenses. SLM clould not handle auto-allocation when there were multiple license metrics involved.


Does anyone have a workaround for this? Otherwise we will have a big issue going forward.


Our enviroment requires us to have some per device licensing left, even though we migrate to the Cloud. Does this mean we cannot use auto-allocation? What solutions are there? Perhaps disabling auto-allocate on the "per device" licenses and doing htem manually will do the trick?