Process of the Month - Software Request Process

Video created by Rory Canavan on Dec 12, 2017

    Hi All, 


    I thought I would take the time to upload a quick video on what a decent software request process looks like.  You'll notice that the entity of a software request is not bundled together with an installation (as per ITIL) largely because a request for software doesn't automatically become an installation; therefore the request entity is managed here, to then hand off either to a procurement process or a change management/ deployment process.  Commentary is provided by the most capable Janet Coetzee - SAM Manager for IAG (NZ), and Snow Hero of the Year.  


    NB:  This is a template process, and their is plenty of scope to integrate SLM and the Automation Platform into the request process - availing of the benefits that technology can bring over running such a process manually (for example, this request process does not accommodate software ear-marked as self-service, which could save a world of bureaucracy.... food for thought....)