Process of the Month - Software Change Management Process

Video created by Rory Canavan on Jan 8, 2018

    Hi all,


    I hope your Christmas and New Year break offered the rest you needed, and that 2018 is a project management plan away from getting it's arse kicked!


    On offer this month is the thorny process of deployment/ change management.  Often the preserve of Service Management, a dash of good SAM can make a substantial difference in preventing your organisation from scrambling through a vendor audit, as opposed to gliding through it.


    The template on offer is reasonably comprehensive, and so maybe deemed overkill for desktop installs; this is where alignment with the request process and a product such as Automation Platform can automate such IT "fly swats" and prevent ALL installations being treated with the same heavy-handed due-diligence demanded for enterprise deployments.


    As ever, if you would like help in designing or implementing your SAM processes to fit around Snow Technology, please reach out.