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[Updated on 12/12/2019] As you may know, in our Knowledge Base we collect all the most up to date documents and guides about our software. You can filter the data by topic or by category and even order for the "last update" field, but why not having here a quick list of the most up to date documents about SLM 9.0.x?    So,

I have Windows Server Standard 2012 R2 license (Qty 4) for 2 Processor and I want to insert it in snow but I am confused how I can go about it. I have selected Number of Processor in Metric option and how will I insert the license, I have 4 license for 2 processor will it be 8 (4X2) or I can only insert 4? Also I have edited application and set it
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Hi, I had to restore our databases because an update failed. In the course of this I have rebuilt the whole server on which SNOW is running (new OS). After some time I could get the login in SMACC running again, because after restoring the SQL backup the user "LicenseManagerUser" had no access to the database. I set up the connector to the