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Looks like the SLM 9 update is pending on our SLM server, waiting for an updated license file, which I have asked for from our Sales Rep.    With that said, who has run this update/upgrade? Is it seamless? Meaning it just runs and updates or has anyone seen complications?    BTW: the SI 6.0.3 updated on our Inventory Server

Hi Snow Community,   I have a (hopefully not stupid) question…   We’ve added a Custom Field to Applications to provide an internal categorisation of software which is more specific to our business than the Snow categorisation.   The business took a spreadsheet exported straight out of Snow’s web interface of
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At some point in a Product lifecycle there comes a time for a bit of spring cleaning and therefore update(s) to server resources.  However where it is deemed that a server move is necessary; how can this be achieved for the Snow Automation Platform databases, I hear you ask?   Well, this situation can be resolved using the following