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I know this question has been asked before but none of the tips in those posts helped. I need access to the Snow inventory agent API and cant access the docs for it. There seems to be some type of permissions issue. My company has a full license for Snow inventory so shouldn't I be able to access those? I tried to open a support ticket but that

Good Morning!!  We are soon due to upgrade all our OS to Windows 10 (yes yesss we are late i know!!) and are making a decision on whether to allow Microsoft Store Apps from being downloaded.    I have been trying to test this by downloading some and using them on my machine but Snow isn't picking any of them up.    Does
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Hello community,   have some doubts regarding how the "All Applications" list is created on SLM and maybe you can help me out.   Is this list created based only on installations that are found by SNOW agents or connectors? Or all SW that SNOW SRS may recognize?  If an installation doesn't match the list of Applications that