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Laim McKenzie
Hi,    I was wondering if anyone has ever managed to successfully create a script in SQL that shows the Unrecognized Applications on a customer estate, as you would see in SMACC?
We notice that some of the Windows Snow agent binaries but certainly not all are signed. Which given the fact the Snow agent service is running with the highest privilege (local system) is posing a security risk if someone is tampering the binaries... We also notice signing differences for the different agent versions which is strange anyway:
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Hi all, I was hoping that the update to SLM 9 and its incremental data processing would speed up the DUJ. But unfortunately, what we have seen is rather a 20% increase from 1h40 to 2h15 and even 3h last night.   Our longest steps are: dbo.JobApplicationConcurrencySummaryUpdate running for 1h09 slm.ArchiveMetering running for 0h23