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How are you harvesting/recycling software?   More specifically, how are you getting the report from Snow?   Typically I find a report that gets me close to what I want, then filter the heck out of it.   However, in this case, I can only find an "unused" software report, that only gets me 1/2 way home.   I need a report that
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Hi, we have the task to find Windows clients where an environment variable is empty. As it is empty it is not shown in the list of environment variables. I tried to search clients which have a value of this variable but I'd like to find all those who do not have this variable listed. Could you please give me a hint on a possible search query for
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Hi All,   Within SLM what i'm trying to setup is a way that i can get the AD Description of a computer to be imported into Snow so that it is added into either a custom field or into the notes section of the machine and kept up to date. I know that this is probably something that is setup with a script to gather that data from AD. I was