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I wanted to bring this issue to everyone's attention. Especially if you are using PowerShell scripts in your SNOW Agent. We recently started rolling out SNOW Agent version 6.2.0. We have 6 PowerShell scripts as part of that agent.    Apparently SNOW has changed the minimum version requirements for PowerShell (it is referenced in the

Has anyone made an experience like this? We are on SLM 9.1.0.   We make perpetual snapshots of our application portfolio (installation >0). Since last snapshot we see a decrease of 20%. A comparision leads us to certain applications, which have no hit on the rules.   The phenomonon: 1. Creating a copy of SRS driven applications
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For a given computer based licensed application, want to check if Snow could report license keys that is entitled to a Computer. Essentially combine the following in to one and generate a report to find the Computers entitled to the application. Manage Licenses -> Assignment tab -> Name (PC Name) and Manage Licenses -> Information tab