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Hi,   we would like to comment the use of a specific software for each user. There are several high prised software products we would store the information why each user needs this software.   How can we store this information? How can we see a list of all users allowed to use this software?   Thank you in advance   Tim

Hi community!   We have a local installation of Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus on our computers. Those machines connect to a terminal server with an installed Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus as well.   I configured the Office 2016 Professional Plus, TS-Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus, Office 2013
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Hello, I am trying to get Snow to send emails - reports, alerts, forgotten password, etc. I have configured the SMTP settings within the SMACC but cannot get mail to work.   I know the SMTP server details are correct as I can use a TELNET session to send mail from my snow server, via the smtp server, to myself. So clearly I'm mis-configuring
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Hi all,   We have a Microsoft Core Infrastructure Server Standard License Agreement for 80 cores. We need to know how to apply these licenses to the servers of our infrastructure, since it does not recognize the operating system as the elegible application for this license.   Thanks for any suggestions, Enrique.