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Hi all!   I've really struggled to get my head around data import in the past so i'd just like to know if this is possible before I delve into it again.   So, I need to add a custom field of a work group against all computers. it will be too long winded to search for each asset individually and add them into the groups.   Is

How can I tell if the client is running on a Mac or Linux machine? On Windows, I look for the SnowInventoryClient service to be running. Can I do something like ps -ef | grep -i snow, etc.?   Thanks.
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We are experiencing a memory leak that eats up 12 gig of Ram in 30 minutes. This has been going on for 3 days and are system is widely unusable. We were processing 600 requests a day before the issue started. Second level support will not engage and first level support in unable to resolve.