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Morning,   I am see that we have a duplicate entry on the inventory. Both have exactly the same information including S/N. What can cause this to happen? I would expect this if the SID, S/N changed but nothing has changed.   James

Hi All   We have configured our Inventory server for computer and user AD discovery from the SMACC tool.  We have added the LDAP string and the correct username and password.  We waited 24 hours and we still see that new AD clients without the iventory agent are not listed in the "clients not reportinging inventory" report. 
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Hello everybody,   i'm just wondering how i can create a license requirement per user. Can I use the import "license assignment" for this?   If the import supports the functions I have the following questions: Can I also go negatively into compliance through the assignment? Can I overwrite the users again and again (add completely