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New(ish) to using Snow. So apologies for the dumb question.   We have multiple licences for an application with automatic upgrade and downgrade. The licences are for V8 of the software - which all users are on. V9 is showing in snow with 0 users, and 12 of the licences are being allocated to this version. I have tried putting

We just added more licenses to cover a recent acquisition. SNOW provided several new keys; one to be added via the Web Configurator for SLM and the other by updating the snowserver.config file for SNOW Inventory Server (with a service restart).   I see the new license count in SLM in the About section,
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Morning fellow users. Just a general question regarding the renewal process for Snow services.  For a number of years now we have been dealing with Snow direct however we are now being advised by a reseller that they have taken over the renewal process as Snow will no longer be dealing with this direct. have any of you had the same