How to: SnowGlobe, the community of Snow Software

Blog Post created by ester.memoli Employee on Jun 28, 2019

SnowGlobe is friendly place to get answers on all things SAM, especially regarding Snow Software solutions and products. You will discover insights, learn best practices, and make connections with industry experts and other SAM users. SnowGlobe is open to everyone and anyone can join and participate. While most content is available in read-only mode without a login, you do need to register in order to leave comments, ask questions, or post blogs.


The content

On SnowGlobe the users can create different kind of content, depending on the given user rights and permissions. For instance, usually the main type of post is a Discussion, while Snow Software employees can create Blog Posts. Below there are useful tips about how to choose the right content to create and how to do it.


Choosing the Right Content Type 

How To Ask A Question 

How to Create a Discussion 

How to Create a Document 


Each time you participate in a thread, like blog posts, discussions or questions, you’ll be notified about new comments and reactions. If you want to know more about notifications and how you can set them up, here you can find some useful tips:


Working with your Inbox 

Setting Up Your Notifications

How To Turn Off Notifications


Mark as Helpful or Correct

It’s very useful to mark a question as Correct or Helpful, to let the other users that the thread contains some relevant information to clarify, answer or solve the question.


Marking Answers as Correct or Helpful



There’s no networking without connecting to other users, so be sure to follow the most interesting users, your colleagues, the Snow Advocates or maybe even some competitor.


Connecting with Users



If you want to split the feed to follow specific users or groups of users, you can create Streams. For instance, you would like to create a stream for all Snow Software employees, or for all the SAM Specialists you’ve found among the community, or all the Italians. This can be done creating several Streams, following these steps.

Creating Custom Streams



I hope this quick guide will help you to get the most from our Community.

Welcome again to SnowGlobe!