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How to find enrollment URL for Apple Configurator? 
in Snow Device Manager
Hi!   We have a case with our customer regarding using SLM+SI6 and SDM on the same server (Windows Server 2016). However, the second server will be used for all databases.  SLM SI6 SDM SQL Server Server 1 X X X Server 2 X   In the SDM case, we are planning to use a single server option with Cloud Extender.   Is it possible to use this… (Show more)
in Snow Device Manager
Water-falling policies on mobile devices   You may have heard the term before ‘water-falling’ when it comes to mobile device management. It might create questions as to what it is, and what does it do. In this article I will describe the feature and the benefits it has to mobile device management. Firstly, to understand the feature lets look at…
in Snow Device Manager
Click to view contentsome of our IPhones won't show their current information ("Info last updated"), but they were seen from SDM ("Info last seen"). But only a few devices, all other work fine. What can I do to update the status of these Phones?
in Snow Device Manager
How can I deploy an own Android apk file with active EMM work Profile? I tried it different ways, but failed due to different reasons.
in Snow Device Manager
When I try to deploy my Wifi certificates and settings to an Android phone I get the following error: cannot be cast to (-1) I have no idea what this means?
in Snow Device Manager