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Released on May 28, 2019

Release information

  • Product:                         Snow Device Manager
  • New version:                  5.6.5
  • Release date:                 May 28, 2019
  • Distribution Manager:
  • Distribution SCE             MSI
  • Target customers:          New and existing SDM 5 customers
  • Current status:                Released


Installation  of Snow Profile on iOS devices:

Due to changes introduced in iOS 12.2, the process to enroll an Apple device running this version of the mobile operating system or higher, now includes an additional step.



  • It is now possible to remove old iOS app certificates from the list of certificates in the System Manager (PRB0042223)
  • Enrolling macOS computers no longer hangs when the Approved button is selected. The process now completes, as expected (PRB0042101)
  • When the Auto-install approved apps from Google Play option is selected in the Domain Admin tool, applications are now automatically installed as expected.
  • An issue with potential exposure of sensitive information in the Snow Cloud Extender log files has been fixed in version Customers are advised to contact Snow Support.


Released on March 28, 2019.

Release information

ProductSnow Device Manager
New Version6.3.0
Release dateMarch 28, 2019
Distribution; configuration of domain
Distribution SCEMSI
Current statusOfficially released

Updated technical documentation

Updated and new documentation for SDM 6.3:


Granular smart filters

 A smart filter enables packages containing policies or data settings to be deployed to devices based on one or more attributes, such as organizational node, geographic region, operating system, or user privileges/role. By providing support for the logical operator OR, this release of Snow Device Manager provides the capability to build more granular smart filters.

Roles and permissions management'

This feature enables domain admin users to set group permissions for users with the manager role. This feature enhances security as it prevents users with the manager role from viewing, deleting, or editing packages they have not created. 

Preconfigure application packages

When creating or editing application packages, it is now possible to preconfigure them. App developers often include capabilities to customize an app deployment with user data, restrictions, and other settings. Gmail, for example, can be configured with specific or wildcard-generated email addresses, which systems such as Snow Device Manager can populate from the Active Directory. Other settings related to security, such as the ability to enforce SSL on port numbers, can also be configured for Gmail. This enhancement is available when creating or editing application packages via the Add configuration button. The capability to preconfigure application packages enhances the user experience as it removes the need for users to input account data and settings – an app is ready-for-use as as soon as the user has downloaded it. In addition, this enhancement supports policy enforcement as it enables apps to be deployed with preconfigured settings for say security and data-protection.


  • To avoid service token errors in the setup of an Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) Service, the Upload service VPP button is only active once the service has been created and is greyed out otherwise.
  • Connection issues related to Snow Cloud extender have been fixed. The component no longer loses connection with the Active Directory, ensuring that users can log on to the system and enroll their devices.


Known Limitations

Snow Device Manager 6.3 is delivered on a Software-as-a-Service basis on Azure.


.NET Framework 4.7.2

The .NET Framework  has been upgraded to version 4.7.2  with the SDM 6.2 release. Please perform that upgrade before installation of the SCE.

Here is the link for download and installation

With SDM 5.6, Snow is now official Google EMM business partner for the Work Profile solution. The following features and improvements are new in SDM 5.6:

  • Google EMM & Android for Work

  • Integration with Google Play

  • SMM Language Support for German and Portuguese

  • New Android Client (Snow app)

  • SMM for Service Desk
  • Access control lists for domains

  • Corrections


Release information

Product:                             Snow Device Manager
New version:                     5.6 
Release date:                    November 27, 2017
Distribution:                      Installation media
Current status:                 Released 

New Features 

The following new features have been added to Snow Device Manager 5.6:


With SDM 5.6, Snow is an official Google EMM business partner for the Work Profile solution. See the official listing for Android business partners.

Snow Device Manager 5.6 introduces support for the Android for Work Profile solution, which enables SDM to act as Profile Owner on any device running Android 5.0 or later. The solution works by creating a container, or a Work Profile dedicated to business applications and content. The non-intrusive Work Profile enables SDM to manage business data and applications but does not grant access to personal data and apps. Work Profile applications are clearly indicated on the device with a red suitcase badge, and separated from personal apps – see screenshot.

Using SDM with a Google EMM account does not require Active Directory or Google Verification, and no extra charges apply.

Android for Work is available for all SDM 5.6 installations and may be activated at any time. Multiple accounts are supported. Please refer to User Guide: Snow Device Manager User Interface for details.


The introduction of Google EMM provides seamless integration with Google Play enabling organizations to create a corporate app store, simplifying app distribution and improving volume licensing/bulk purchasing possibilities. Deployment options such as silent app installation, whitelisting, and pre-configured apps are all included in the package.

The Google Play integration enables your organization to work with BYOD scenarios (Work Profile) as well as corporate-owned devices (Device Owner).


SDM 5.6, enables customers to enroll iOS devices using Apple Configurator – a pre-requisite for high-level security scenarios. This capability provides mass-device configuration and simplifies the rollout of devices in some school scenarios.


Snow Mobility Manager now provides language support for German and Portuguese.


The following enhancements have been added to Snow Device Manager 5.6:


To align the Snow Android Client (Snow app) with best practices for Android, the way it handles permissions has been modified. Instead of requesting all permissions at installation, the Snow app now requests permissions as they are needed. At installation, for example, the Snow app will just request permission to read IMEI information. At enrollment, it will request the additional permissions needed. This change does not affect previously enrolled devices. Permissions are handled silently for customers using Android Work profiles.

SMM FOR SERVICE DESK                                                                                                           

Based on customer and user feedback, the following new features have been added to SMM for Service Desk in SDM 5.6:

  • Edit user info
  • Edit device name and phone number
  • Exchange collaboration (block/allow device)
  • Extended device Info (UX + SMM)

  New functionality is available for all 5.6 installations with SMM configured.


It is now possible to black- and white-list IP ranges for domain access on a domain level for any environment – relevant for customers with high security requirements.



The following defects have been corrected in Snow Device Manager 5.6:

Service Now ID





Packet for VPN (Samsung) Missing



SD memory card faulty information



Enrolling new devices (Apple)



Error when deploying restriction



Snow Device Manager problem configuring VPN package


Product:                       Snow Device Manager

New version:               5.5

Release date:              March 16,  2017 

Distribution:                Installation media

Current status:           Released to hosted environments




Snow mobility manager for Service desk

SDM 5.5 introduces SMM for Service Desk, a new role in SMM aimed at Service Desk users who do not need the full-feature interface of the manager. The following features will be available in SMM with SDM 5.5:

  • Start page with Search/Filter/Find item (user and device in this release)
  • View and edit user with related devices
  • View and edit device
  • Device actions:
    • Re-enroll device
    • Delete (Archive) device
    • Wipe (full wipe)
    • Push (self-service) package to device
  • User actions:
    • Add device to user
    • Reset password (only for native users)
    • Lock (self-service/app store enrollment)
    • Edit phone number
  • New user guide for SMM for Service Desk

SMM is available from SDM 5.5 and onwards as a part of the server installation.

New Snowboard widgets

The following widgets have been added to the Snowboard:

  • Device life cycle management – enrolled and archived devices, historically
  • Tampered devices
  • Rejected devices

Server Notifications in manager                                                                                       

This release introduces a system for server notifications in SDM. A new widget on the Snowboard will inform users about relevant server notifications. A list of notifications is also available via the "View" menu option.

In future SDM releases, the notification system will be used by many additional processes. Initially it supports certificate expiry notifications, which have previously been communication via email to the Snow support inbox, leading to missed certificate expirations as users quit or changed role. 

Remove Backup                                                                                                                                

With SDM 5.5, all device backup functionality has been removed. 


The following new features have been added to Snow Device Manager 5.5:

Manager UX improvements

Usability of Snow Device Manger has been improved in release 5.5 with the Snowboard as the default entry point to the system, providing a widget-based domain overview for all users. The Snowboard is now a permanent tab pinned to the leftmost position on the work area.

Device, user, and application lists columns have been reduced to a default minimum while some obsolete state icons have been removed. Summary pie charts have also been removed to provide space for device details in the list.

Package step reduction for android

To simplify configuration of Android packages, the following reductions and improvements have been made:

  • General wording improvements and completion on many packages.
  • Password Policy (Windows) removed from Ribbon Bar to Package step
  • Hiding "Advanced fields" on the following package steps:
    • Wi-Fi package step         
    • Samsung Exchange Provisioning
  • Improvements:
    • Remove file path in "Copy file" package step
    • Install application from Google Play        
    • Install App
    • Set Wallpaper
  • Removed:
    • Time/Date settings
    • Open URL
    • Show a toast
    • Upload file
    • Apply license key (nitrodesk)
    • Delete file
    • Execute file

DEP improvements

Based on feedback from our customers, the following improvements on DEP configurations have been implemented:

  • Notification and automatic update of DEP-profiles – all DEP devices on the domain are updated with default profiles on acceptance.
  • AD-Validation of username on DEP enrollment if "enforce authentication" is set on DEP service
  • New "Full Synchronization" option to DEP-service 



The following defects have been corrected in Snow Device Manager 5.5. ServiceNow ID within parenthesis:

  • Errors with registration link for windows 10 pro no longer occur (0001366)
  • Enrollment of Windows Phone 8.1 devices no longer fails (0023645)
  • Windows 10 Azure Enrollment no longer works intermittently (0001423)
  • Fortum - Custom data now correctly displayed in SDM Manager (0001457)