Snow Inventory Client Service is unable to start on a Domain Controller

Document created by Dennis.Smith Employee on Apr 3, 2017
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On a domain controller, on which the Snow Inventory Client is installed, the service fails to start with the regular "NETWORK SERVICE" or "SYSTEM" account. It is, however, possible to change the "Log on as" setting for the service to a domain administrator account, and the service will start:

If the [default] Local System account is used, when trying to manually run a scan through an elevated command prompt (client.exe /scan), the following errors may be seen in the client.log file:

18:13:58 : ERROR: client64 Cannot load config 'client.config'.
18:14:04 : ERROR: client64 Cannot launch '"C:\Program Files\INVENTORYCLIENT\Scanner64.exe" /RUN' (0). The operation completed successfully.


The most likely cause of this, is the Web Metering functionality of the client. When WebMetering is enabled (the IDXEndPoint setting is configured in client.ini), the client will generate a DNS Monitor driver which hooks into the network interfaces. This likely causes a conflict with the DC and subsequently causes the client to crash.


To resolve this, you need to clear the following setting in client.ini:


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