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ServiceNow CMDB / SNOW connector

Question asked by Arnold on Jun 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2017 by marc.farmen

We have a SNOW Connector enabled for the integration between ServiceNow and SNOW. It is working working fine, pushing the updates from SNOW to ServiceNow. We have however, realised that the fields pushed through are too limited - about three fields for Software. We would like to add more fields that we want to update on ServiceNow but we can't figure out where this customisation can be done.

When we did the same integration on the Helsinki version of ServiceNow, we had a "Snow CMDB Integration" application created, but on Istanbul version of ServiceNow, this is not there. Modules within that application used to show some Web Service (subject to correction) that showed the fields pulled through from SNOW.  Could you please advise where is this sitting on Istanbul, or if there is something we need to do to show this  application.


We also, would like to disable Hardware (Computers, Disks, ect.) and only pull Software updates to ServiceNow. Could some please advise if this is possible and where can this customisation be done?