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SNOW agents on AIX are not reporting

Question asked by Bhagwat on May 28, 2019
Latest reply on May 30, 2019 by xwin

Hi all,


For more than a month we are not able to get inventory from AIX snow client to Snow Inventory Manager. I checked with network, firewall teams but found that no any changes perform in the environment which could affect the snow client to report. I also check with AIX team and performed the manual scan on some of the servers and found that .snowpack file is creating there and sent successfully from server end but it is not reaching to SNOW inventory server.


I checked the agent logs on AIX server but no any error found. Please suggest id someone had ever faced such problem and got some resolution on this.


Please refer the SNOW product version we are using.

SLM : Version 8.3 Revision 08   Build 7026 

SIM :  V5.13

SI   :  V5.4.2

SNOW AIX agent  :  V5.0.4