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Version 6.3.0 Snow Agent for Windows not reporting

Question asked by Mark.Walther Advocate on Oct 3, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2019 by snowtom

Has anyone else seen an issue with the recently released SNOW Agent version 6.3.0 for Windows not reporting to the SNOW Inventory Server? 


I logged a call with Support, but thought I'd ask here as well. 


I received a new SNOW Agent for Windows, version 6.3.0. It installs OK, I can manually run the snowagent scan and send commands and it finishes completed. But I am not seeing the updated client version or the fact that the client reported in since the install. I completely removed the SNOW Agent and directory structure from my laptop and reinstalled, sane thing, installs OK, scan and send finish, just not showing up on the SI or SLM. DUJ is finishing successfully.