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Assigning SCCM Licenses to Client Servers

Question asked by jharrison Advocate on Sep 13, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2018 by rswain

Hi all,


We're interested in how different ones have managed their SCCM licensing in Snow. As far as SCCM goes, you have your management server with it's various components installed (DPM, Operations Manager, VMM, etc). As these components are installed on the management server, Snow correctly recognizes the need for an SCCM license (for example: Microsoft System Center 2012 Standard).


However, for all servers that this SCCM server manages, you still need to assign SCCM licenses. The problem is that because they are clients to the management server, there are generally no SCCM components installed on them. Meaning Snow does not raise a requirement for an SCCM license.


Of course, you can assign an SCCM license explicitly to all the client servers, but these licenses will all be marked as invalid assignments because no matching application is installed. Basically this would mean Snow cannot show accurate compliance figures for SCCM. I struggle to believe this, as I guess most Snow customers use SCCM. So, how is everyone getting around what must be a universal issue?


Thanks for any suggestions.