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ServiceNow Frontend, AP Backend?

Question asked by ksungay Advocate on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2018 by oskar.frolin2

Hi community,


So we currently have ServiceNow as our main service requestor tool. We are in the process of installing Snow Automation Platform in our environment. On our ServiceNow tool, we can do all requests from incidents to applications.


I'd like to know to abide by continuity, is it possible that we could configure ServiceNow to remain on the front end and let automation platform work on the back end?


Something along the lines as:

The user as per norm goes to ServiceNow and clicks on Software Request, sees the application he wants on the ServiceNow catalog, then clicks and requests the software. Then once clicked, it will then feed into Automation Platform and the workflows will then start with the process of the software request.


It doesnt have to be like this, but we are thinking of providing a solution like this. We dont like the idea our users requesting from different portals and aim to keep them down to a minimum.


What are your guys thoughts on this? Is it possible? Or would you advise otherwise?