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How to deploy Snow Agents to every device?

Question asked by ksungay Advocate on Oct 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by ian.kimble

Hi community,


How does one install agents on to all machines in my company?


SCCM only works if it is installed on a device. But what if its not on every device? as is in our company. How do we account for remote devices not on the network? We are a resources company, and some of our sites are not always on the network. 


Here are my list of questions:

Is there a force deploy mechanism on Snow for machines that dont have SCCM?

How do i install Snow on devices not on local network?

in your experiences, how do companies account for this?

What is the benchmark that i know all/most devices have a Snow agent installed?

I see on SLM a tag called "#### Computers that are not inventoried" is this that amount? what does this mean? If it is 0, then i have accounted for everything?

Another question, how do i know how many agents i have left until i need to purchase more?


I was told today by senior management that Snow told them that they can pick up more than what SCCM can...Something about Agentless etc. i am not sure. But the senior management has the expectation that we will be able to see most if not nearly all of the licensing environment in SLM because of Snow capabilities.