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Understanding TS Applications Detection

Question asked by Murilo on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2018 by Samuel



We've been trying to get some reports about the TS usage of some applications but this brought some questions. We noticed that apparently the detection for some applications work differently from others.


For example: When we go to "Applications" and open "TS-Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus" we can see only our RDS servers on the "Computers" tab. And on the "devices" tab we see all devices that had accessed Office 2010 on our RDS servers. 


However, when checking other applications, like "TS-Microsoft Office 2010 Visio Professional" for example, the listed results are different. The "computers" tab displays not only RDS servers, but regular workstations as well. The "devices" tab seems to show the same kind of results as it is showed for MS Office.


Do you have any explanations about why this difference exists? Does it happen because Office Pro Plus is a bundle? And where the "TS application" should be displayed? On the computer with the installed application being accessed or on the computer/device that is remotely accessing the application by means of an RDS session?


Thank you