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Snow Agent - Oracle

Question asked by PeteS Advocate on Apr 12, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2018 by rfellmann

Hi, regarding switching on the ability to report on Oracle.


I am told that the latest Snow Agent automatically detects oracle, but in order to get any meaningful data we need to activate SIOS (Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner) on the selected devices only.

This seems very clunky and I am keen to know if this is a typical issue in general. We pay for a small number of agents with this reporting capability, but now I am concerned if this could become a bit of a headache process to manage. Surely, it would be best to have the agent configured with the SIOS active to ensure we capture all.

The issue has recently been raised as we are upgrading our agents from 3.7.05 to 5.x.x. 

Really keen to understand thoughts on this please.