Managing Hardware Assets

Discussion created by PeteS Advocate on May 4, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2018 by men_duff

I use SLM primarily, as it is intended for, to manage my software assets and I do think it is one of the more user friendly tools on the market.

Although we have an independent bespoke inventory tool, the hardware information that SLM reports back is helping our desktop support and project teams when scoping work. Does anyone in the Snow community also feels the same about the hardware reporting aspect?


What I want to understand, is it possible to replace our bespoke inventory tool with Snow?


The main challenge is obviously how to manage assets that are not on the network without consuming an SLM client e.g. in stock, cupboards, awaiting scrap etc. Inventory tools do require manual input of data, specifically when a machine is back in stock, but by making use of the custom fields it could be possible to work around that problem.


Has anyone else thought the same, or are we all satisfied with having two tool sets to help manage our assets?