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Servicenow - CMDBTransformUtil

Question asked by MEMCH on May 25, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by MEMCH

We just installed the servicenow connector (CMDB Integration).  


This scoped app does not use the cmdb api and it's capabilities with identification and reconciliation rules. How can use these out of the box servicenow functions with the snow connector? 


One issue is that snow creates now new CIs  computers if they don't have a Snow computer id.  This function you are using: findDevice(source.u__cid_, source.u_id, source.u__name_, source.u__manufacturer_, source.u__biosserialnumber_); is not good enough for us. 

At the moment iget a lot of duplicates because we already have all the CI's in the CMDB and SNOW should only update these. 


I would like to use this: var cmdbUtil = new CMDBTransformUtil(); cmdbUtil.identifyAndReconcile(source, map, log);...  But in a scoped app this is not supported. So what do you suggest ?