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Does anyone have experience with metering Think-Cell?

Question asked by uwirtz Advocate on Oct 22, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2019 by erwin.van.der.steen

Hi all,

I am wondering if the usage of Think-Cell (PowerPoint AddOn) can be metered with Snow.

Since Think-Cell is more like a PlugIn it might be used any time I open PowerPoint?

Never the less SLM shows only a few Users for all installations in our environment. That could be correct if the other installations are not used (or if they also don't even use PowerPoint at all). But I have an installation too, and even though I am using it, I never appear under the list of Think-Cell Users. And I know about other users who definately are using it too but also don't appear under the Think-Cell user list.

That makes me doubt that the metering data for Think-Cell is reliable, and I wonder what makes Snow sometimes say it was used and sometimes not.

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