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SLM Cloud connectors are no longer free

Question asked by Juha.Styrman Advocate on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by PeteS



If you haven't noticed, Snow has done some changes to Cloud Connectors that impacts on pricing and on your SLM implementation.


1. SLM Cloud Connectors are no longer free. I just got the new Snow price sheet and it includes now two interesting SKU's:


Snow fo SaaS Advanced Optimization for Office 365
- This is basically O365 connector


And with Snow for SaaS you will get the following list of SaaS connectors:
- ZoHo CRM
- Zendesk
- Wrike
- Workplace
- WebEx
- Trello
- TeamSupport
- Tableau Online
- SalesCloud
- Pipedrive
- GSuite
- GoToWebinar
- GoToMeeting
- DropBox
- Box


2. Adobe Cloud Connector is going forward according Snow, but it will work only with SLM 9.



These changes reminds me good ol' Gordon Gekko's quote "Greed is good", but I would be interested to hear Snow's comment about these changes.